What is BotGG?

Fitness With One Purpose: FUN!

Burlesque on the Go Go is a collective of friends with two common passions: burlesque and exercise. Living together in Tucson we’ve had tons of fun exploring alternative ways to get fit and build muscle. We’re women from all walks of life that enjoy having a good time during our workouts. Now we’re going to share these activities and “expertise” with you!

Group exercise provides a safe and comfortable community for women of all ages to get together, have fun, and achieve their fitness goals. From on-the-go workouts to personal tips for optimizing muscle growth we’ll cover it all. The road to personal fitness can be a long one. We hope our blog can be a source of inspiration and enjoyment as you discover your true potential!

Alternative Workouts
The girls after a “long” day


  • My Idol
    My Idol
  • So Cold
    So Cold
  • Texas Leo
    Texas Leo
  • Zala's Real Meal
    Zala's Real Meal
  • Sad Matters Skincare
    Sad Matters Skincare
  • Ski McCormick
    Ski McCormick
  • Chocolate City
    Chocolate City