Improve Your Strenght With These Weight Lifting Techniques

5 Simple Weight Lifting Techniques

Whenever the pain subsides, you can return to lifting. Weight lifting may be risky activity if it’s not done properly. The secret to weight lifting isn’t lifting a tremendous amount once, but instead lifting an appropriate quantity of weight many times employing the appropriate methods. Whether you opt to take part in competitive weight lifting or only do a few repetitions utilizing light weights with your exercise plan, you should learn the appropriate weight lifting methods to continue to keep your from injury. Weight lifting is excellent, but everything in moderation. In most exercise programs for women, it may be the last thing to be considered.  But women should not be afraid to lift weights.  Advanced weight lifting has so many practices which are connected with that.  Here are 5 simple weight lifting techniques and moves to help you gain that burlesque body.

  1. Ab Workout- Work on your core to improve your balance and stability.  Some workouts you can do are planks, ab crunches and side crunches.
  2. Arms and Shoulders Workout- In addition to improving your lower body, make sure you also work on your upper body.  Work on developing a graceful and loose approach when you’re dancing by toning your arms and shoulders.
  3. Leg- It is vital to have a strong lower body to keep stable, especially when you are in high heels and dancing.  You can do dumbbell squats, ankle weights and walk on your toes to increase your balance and strength.
  4. Butt- Developing the butt is important because it provides speed, power and strength when performing that perfect burlesque routine.  Plus, having a nice butt makes you look good.  You can do squats or the bar bell hip trusts to make your bottom stronger.
  5. Stretch- You always want to stretch so you don’t injured yourself.  Make sure to do a quick warm up and stretch before you go into your strength training.   Lastly, make sure to cool down and stretch after your workout so you won’t be sore.

How Much Should You Lift?

When you begin weight lifting, start out small and slow increase your weights as you perfect the moves and your strength.  If you don’t know where to start, follow a weight lifting program.  Increase the total amount of weight that you lift 2. Distinct forms of weights will offer distinctive kinds of resistance, and frequently the very same absolute weight can have different relative weights based on the sort of equipment used. As you are using heavier weights you’ll really need to focus on lowering the weight in a controlled fashion. Although you’re not using as much weight that you are raising the time the muscle is under load.

Based on your body condition and how overweight you’re, you may even get weight as you get muscle. Apart from toning and enlarging muscles, you could also lift weights to put on strength and endurance or simply to maintain a wholesome body. Getting started at any age, folks must be aware that there’s a proper way and a wrong approach to lift weights. Lifting weights may appear simple, but it’s not. You only have to use a light weight that provides some challenge as 100 total repetitions will leave you sore.

All the exercises ought to be mastered independently. Compound exercises are also quite helpful in promoting the creation of testosterone. The kind of exercise performed also is dependent upon somebody’s goals. Furthermore, while stretching post exercise is crucial, hyper mobility of a joint complex should at no time be the objective. Isometric exercises might be very good alternative if regular weightlifting causes an excessive amount of pain. Some completely free weight exercises can be carried out while sitting or lying on a workout ball. There are various weight lifting techniques for various objectives, and you must choose the ideal exercises to attain your objective.

Maximize Your Strength By Taking Supplements

Contrary to what most people think, weight training can be helpful for both women and men. Although it is similar to bodybuilding, they have different objectives. It uses a variety of specialized equipment to target specific muscle groups and types of movement. It is a type of strength training that uses weights, Eccentric Training or muscular resistance to increase strength.  To increase muscle mass and strength, weight lifters have used protein shakes and supplements with success.

Make sure that you are using pauses during your training and cutting out momentums, although the sum of weight that you may be lifting during precisely the same number of reps might decrease. 1 great thing about strength training is the fact that you can take muscle supplements to increase your strength.  People have been taking protein shakes and muscle supplements for years with amazing results.  You can buy these items at local supplement stores or on places like Best New Supplements. It is safe and one of the best ways to minimize aches and pains. Strength training for some other sports and physical activities is becoming ever more popular.

Challenge Yourself And Try Free Weights

If you don’t like using weight machines, free weights are great to increase your strength.  Kettle bells, dumbbells and resistance bans can pretty much do the same thing as weighted machines.  By using great technique, you will be in a position to lift them as much as you desire. There are a lot of tactics that can be really effective only when they’re supposed to be executed in regimes which are strategically planned or larger. Appropriate technique and form are the most significant variables related to lifting weights and should you wish to safeguard yourself from pulled muscles and other weight lifting related injuries, you ought to be sure you’re fundamentally sound.

Even in the event the slow technique doesn’t put on muscle faster, it’s still an effective approach to construct muscle. Additional you will learn how to recognize the weight lifting practices which are ideal for your physique. It is very important to know that weight lifting techniques change from one sort of exercise to the other. Let’s review common weight lifting techniques you may utilize to continue to keep things new and fresh whilst promoting a high degree of fat burning.

More Tips To Improve Your Weight Lifting Progress

Technique is extremely important. You want to understand how to use certain techniques for your workout program for a whole. If you don’t implement appropriate weight training tactics, there’s a greater chance you will sustain injuries on your workouts. Bearing that in mind, here are a few sample off-season weight-lifting methods that implement both the high and very low repetition methods of training.  Here is a great video to help you get started in weight training.

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Benefits Of Fruit

Pears next to some sideways pears

We Are Fruit

A little bit different than my workouts for girls on the go go. Fruit is so essential in our diets and we should be snacking on fruit throughout the day instead of chips or cookies. I wrote this article to point out all the benefits of fruit and how they can help you stay healthy and fit and will also help you lose some unhealthy weight. Enjoy the article and stay fit on the go go!

The True Benefits Of Fruit

Besides really being a much preferred fruit, bananas are helpful in treating a number of health conditions. Our regional bananas are available in all sizes, from the exact small to the significant ones. Bananas, another kind of fruit, are an excellent all-natural energy food as they contain potassium alongside other essential vitamins.

If you find it tough to consume the quantity of fruit you need on daily basis a supplement may be an outstanding way to get each of the essential vitamins that you need without needing to consume a lot of fruit. Fruits are an organic supply of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and possibly even anti-oxidants. Even though some fruit is sweet, it is a well-known fact that the sugar found in fruit is very good for you because it is an organic sort of sugar. The outdated beloved fruits weren’t any more beneficial to health.

Why You Need More Fruit In Your Diet

The juice includes polyphenols, tannins and anthocyanins. As an example, pomegranate juice and cranberry juice can work wonders for your well-being and the latter can assist in preventing urinary tract infections in addition to provide you with many vitamins. It is created from peppers that are sorted, toasted and blended to create various kinds of paprika. Cayenne pepper was used as a food spice together with a conventional medicine for approximately 9000 decades.

Fruit is a critical part of our diet, as it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. In addition, because it will provide your body with so many nutrients, it can help you fight off infections and repair cells in your body. Several fruits are full of antioxidants too, and hence are of excellent importance.

Substitute Fruit For Those Unhealthy Snacks

Strawberry coupleFruits offer a number of other benefits even for people who are not dieting. There are a couple of strategies for adding fruit into a diet that can easily be accomplished and minimizes the need to consider how to bring these supplements through the day. Fruits have an extremely high nutritional value. Aside from it being a natural, healthy food, it contains a lot of water which is very important in everyone’s diet. The peach fruit has an individual seed surrounded by a tough shell and is known as a stone.

Ironically, it’s best for weight gain also. Lemon’s acne-preventing ability might be one of the most well-known advantages of lemon juice. It can cut the amount of cholesterol, as well as the heart pressure.

Among the most helpful features of fruit is it contains zero fat, no cholesterol, and very little, if any, sodium. It’s a well-known actuality that vitamin A is helpful for your vision. Additionally it is an established actuality people who eat lots of fruit are not as likely to create such diseases as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or cardiovascular disease. All of these indicate a similar meaning. You might discover that you’re sick less often and which you just feel better overall. There are several uses of fruits also.

Fruit benefits may also allow you to feel much better. Another big wellness benefit from a diet full of fruit is the fact that it can definitely help in keeping skin looking healthy. In general health becomes improved due to suitable digestion and appropriate excretion.

Easy Fruit Power Shakes

The advantages of fruit juice isn’t a new concept for us. There is a multitude of added benefits and not all of these involve vitamins. The next advantage of these popular infuser bottles is they make water a lot more palatable. When you think about the advantages of garlic, you need to keep in mind this most important premise. It discusses the wellness benefits of dates. There are many advantages to this specific item, which explains its latest recognition in health-minded communities.

In Arizona, there are numerous types of oranges out there. Offered in a number of vivid colors which range from the usual green color it’s offered in white, yellow, orange, red, purple, brown and even black colours. It is available in wide array of shapes, sizes, and thickness.

If our diet is full of organic vegetables and fruits, and we consume daily the most suitable quantity of micro-nutrients, we’ll get a much healthier, happier and more productive lifestyle. Actually, their daily consumption of food wasn’t regarded as complete without these. A variety of sorts of them are rich in various types of nutrients which cannot be replenished otherwise. The decent amounts of B complex vitamins keep the homocysteine amounts in check and very low homocysteine amounts means lowered potential for heart disease. There is a variety of vitamins in fruits and you’ll probably want to start to research all of these wonderful vitamins and find out how they can help you. The exact same antioxidant is considered to be accountable for inhibiting the increase of breast cancer cells. It is full of lycopene, a highly effective antioxidant that is known to be prosperous in lessening the prostate cancer risk.

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Yoga Day 2017

Yoga Day 2017

The Facts About Yoga

Hey Girls, how have you been? I hope all is well. I have been on the go go this past month, traveling with my kids for the holidays. I did find time teach day to settle down and get some yoga in. It was definitely a life saver and it helped me keep my sanity amongst all the family drama that comes with the holiday season. Speaking of yoga, did you know that yoga day is coming up? Yoga day 2017 is not far away. It is a day to celebrate yoga and building muscles.

Yoga Day 2017 – When Is It?

Yoga day 2017 takes place on June 21st. Yoga day celebrates all the types of yoga. Yoga day 2017 in an international celebration. The best way to celebrate world yoga day is by practicing the type of yoga you enjoy.

Yoga Day 2017 Types Of Yoga

There are 14 types of Yoga:

Anusara is a Hindu style of yoga created by an America in 1997. This style focus on comedy as the door to inner peace.

Ashtanga Yoga is about the series and rapid movement.

Hatha Yoga, possibly the most popular yoga is the actual practice of yoga. It is all about stretching, finding inner peace, and relies heavily on balance.

Iyengar yoga focuses on precession. And the alignment of posture. Breath control is extremely important as well. This is one of the most advanced form of yoga. The risk of injury is much greater in this disciple than many other forms of yoga. Great attention to detail is also a key focus on this form of yoga. If one does not pay attention to what they are doing, they will never succeed in this yoga.

Jiivamuki is a method of yoga invented in the 1980s. This is an ethical, physical style yoga. It encompasses dance moves and is all about self-awareness. It focuses on animal rights and social activism. People who practice Jivamukti are also vegans. Eatting animals is strictly forbidden in the Jivamukti yoga discipline.

Kripalu yoga is focused on giving back to one’s community. The Jesuits started this yoga in the 1950s to help non-profit organizations gain funds and capital to help the world. The people practicing Kripalu yoga believe that inner peace can only be achieved once the world is saved and suffering is brought down to a minimal level. While trying to accomplish this goal they experience inner peace.

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Worst Exercises For Aging

Worst exercises for aging

Exercises That Make You Age Faster

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed some of my latest posts on the go go. Today, I want to talk about the worst exercises for aging. Getting old sucks but it happens to everyone. So let’s talk about ways to keep the body in the best shape it can be, without causing any damage or over excreting ourselves, leaving us prone to injury.

Aging means changes in your body and everyone experiences them differently; hair loss, grey hair, wrinkles, sagging skin, problems with vision, aching back, menopause and being deemed “uncool” by your children are just a few. A lot of these changes will cause you to slow down in the gym and my lead to frustrations with your work out.

As you age your metabolism slows down, your bones are not as strong as they were in your youth and overall you cannot perform as well as you once did. More so your brain is not as sharp. A lot of workouts require muscle memory to be performed properly.

Worst exercises for aging

Exercises That Age You

All this aside, this happens to everyone at some point. So people may experience these effects as young as 30 while others may not experience it until 50 or 60. There is no shame in any of this, no matter when it happens, and they are workouts that are better to perform as you age.

Some workouts will even speed up your body and cause you to age faster. Additionally, certain muscle enhancers and workout supplements, if used over long periods of time, will cause your body to age faster.

Supplements known as “pre-workout” or anything that contains stimulants will stimulate and increase the speed in which the body functions, as a side effect, this causes the body to age. Think of it like this; if your heart only has a certain amount of beats in its lifetime and taking a stimulant makes it beat two times as fast while in your system, your body will age twice as fast while the stimulant is in your system.

Obviously, the changes are not that dramatic, and it is not that black and white. However, that should give a general picture for those unaware of how stimulants work. Men and woman also experience different changes, you may have to adjust your workout accordingly

Worst Exercises for aging

Exercises That Make You Age Faster – Diet

Diet is everything in the world of having a healthy and successful workout. Just eat healthy the same ways you normally would, drink plenty of water, and supplement with a multi vitamin so that you get any nutrients you might have missed in your diet.

Exercises That Make You Age Faster – Cardio

Its time to cut back on the cardio. Runs. and long runs specifically, increase your heart rate tremendously and put a lot of strain on the body. As you age, this becomes more potentially dangerous for your health. That’s why I am deeming this as one of the worst exercises for aging.

Exercises That Make You Age Faster – In the Gym

Lifting weights is still very effective and a great exercise for ageing. However, there are some lifts that are the worst exercises for aging. Cleaning, dead lifts, and max outs should all be avoided and are the worst exercises for aging.

Exercises That Make You Age Faster – Alternative Exercises

Avoiding the gym all together is not a bad idea. There are alternative exercises that are low stress and are great for people of any age. Yoga is one great example, you can find free yoga introductory classes if your area. Just look online!

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Christmas workout clothes

Christmas Workout Clothes

Holiday Outfit Ideas

Hey Ladies! Christmas is just around the corner. All that cookies and Christmas food means we got to keep our workouts going but there is no reason we cannot get into the spirit with some Christmas workout outfits. Christmas workout clothes are the perfect way to get festive with your fitness. In this post I will cover the most popular Christmas workout clothes available this year and where to buy them.

Christmas Workout Clothes -Tops

Christmas Workout Clothes

If you are on a budget and want something unique the first place you want to check for Christmas workout clothes would be Etsy. Etsy is currently selling an ugly Christmas sweater tank top for $15.99. This tank is cute, budget friendly and will keep you cool and festive on the treadmill this season.

Christmas Workout Clothes -Yoga Pants

Christmas Workout ClothesTo complete this Christmas workout clothes on a budget outfit. Look for these Christmas tree yoga pants for only $10.85 on rose Tis the season for yoga pants, Christmas aside, so why not go all out and get some that are themed just for Christmas. The two items combined will cost you less than thirty dollars.

Christmas Workout Clothes -Designer

As far as designer Christmas workout clothes are considered, it may be hit or miss. A lot of stores, like Macy’s will not list clothing like that online. Instead it will differ from store to store. You may find some great designer Christmas workout clothes are pretty low prices. I went Kohl’s last weekend and bought a pair of Halloween yoga pants.

Christmas Workout Clothes – DIY

Another idea for holiday workout clothes, is to make your own outfits. You can easily find yoga pants and athletic tops with red or green in them. Match these with Christmas socks and add a Christmas bow and you are on your way to looking festive during your workout.

Getting a holiday outfit together is one of the best ways to show your Christmas spirit, but you do not have to stop with just Christmas. You can use the websites and store listed above to set these outfits up for many other holidays.

Christmas Workout Clothes -Accessories

You can grab many other items and add them to your wardrobe to really get a Christmas look going. Also, the styles of holiday clothes change little from year to year. To save some money for next season, put these clothes away and recycle them into your wardrobe next season. More so, if you really love Christmas, show your spirit by wearing these years round. Other Items you can use to spice up your outfit for the holidays:

  • Christmas Workout ClothesBows
  • Bracelets
  • Ribbons
  • Socks
  • Workout gloves
  • Bandanas
  • Necklaces
  • Scarves
  • Holiday theme jump ropes
  • Holiday water bottles
  • Holiday gym bags

Christmas Workout Clothes -Spread the Joy

Now that you have completed your holiday outfit, go make some cookies and learn some Christmas carols to spread the Christmas joy to everyone. Teach these tips to others at the gym so they can get a great look on the gogo, too!

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Vegetarian Fitness

Vegetarian Fitness

Workouts As A Vegetarian

Hey Girls! I have a new work out for ladies on the go go! As some of you may know, national vegetarian day is October first. SO… I know vegetarian and the vegetarian diet is becoming more and more popular. It is also a great life style choice for girls on the go go. More so, there is vegetarian fitness and that is what I want to talk about with you ladies in the post.

Vegetarian Fitness – Getting The Proper Amount Of Calories

Vegetarian Fitness

Have you heard of vegetarian fitness? Vegetarians, especially vegetarians who are physically active, have to ensure they get the right nutrients that they miss out on from meat. More so, vegetarians need to work out accordingly. Workouts that are made to burn massive amounts of calories are bad for vegetarians. On average a vegetarian consumes far less calories a day than a non-vegetarian. A workout that would that is made for weight loss could cause a vegetarian to burn more calories than they consume that day. Burning more calories than you consume can be good every now and again. However, you will not gain any muscle the days you burn that many calories. If that starts happening on a regular basis, a vegetarian will lose a ton of weight, never gain any muscle, and could lead to significant health effects. Vegetarian fitness is designed to prevent all of those things through smarter dieting and smarter workouts.

The first step of vegetarian fitness is to make sure you are eating properly. Vegetarian fitness suggests eating more calories than recommended for your size. Working out and exercising requires a large quantity of calories to build muscle and supply the body with energy. There are fruits and veggies out there that are denser than others and also contain far more calories. Bananas are great, as are potatoes. Make sure you get your legumes in. Legumes are a great way to replace the proteins lost from not eating meat. Meat contains a ton of protein and is a crucial part of building more muscle that vegetarians obviously miss out on.

Vegetarian Fitness – Adding Proteins To Your Diet

Vegetarian FitnessProtein powders will help you get the calories you need for vegetarian fitness. Not all protein powders are made with proteins from animals. Vegetarian fitness means you need protein, simple as that. Many protein powders are soy based and are therefore part of the vegetarian diet. Just look at the container and read the details, some protein powders are made specifically for non-meat eating individuals and are great for vegetarian fitness. Peanut butter is also a great source of protein. Most, if not all, nuts contain large amounts of protein. If peanut butter is not your thing, there are plenty of other options out there for you to choose from.

Shakes are also a great way for vegetarians to get all the nutrients they need for the day to be effective during vegetarian fitness. You can put all the vegetables and fruits you want in the shake, put in a scoop of peanut butter and a little milk, add a scoop of peanut butter and you have a whole meal right there.

Vegetarian Fitness – Tune Your Workout To Compliment Your Diet

Shorten your workouts and raise the intensity. Long workouts tend to burn far more calories and therefore burn more muscle and fat. Shorter, more intense workouts, build more muscle. Plus, who would not want to shorten their workouts! That is why vegetarian fitness is perfect for the go go! This is also what makes workout DVDs, like p90x, so successful. Ladies, I hope vegetarian fitness can make your life a little easier, leave me a comment and let know, while you stay fit on the go go!

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Does Swimming Build Muscle

does swimming build muscle

Benefits Of Swimming

A word of caution before we begin. Please do not attempt these exercises if you do not know how to swim. If you do not know how to swim, I suggest you learn. You can get lessons at your local YMCA. Learning to swim is very simple and can be learned at any age. Sorry girls, I had to get that out of the way. Some people could still be asking does swimming build muscle without actually knowing how to swim. Without further ado, here we go go! Swimming offers many health benefits and we know swimming helps you destroy fat, but does swimming build muscle?

lades, we have all seen ripped studs like Michael Phelps but is it possible for us to get in shape like that (obviously we do not want to be ripped studs)? The answer is yes. Obviously though, if you want to get that in shape you will have to put in the same amount of work as Michael Phelps, so do not set yourself up for an unrealistic goal. For ladies on the go go, swimming is a good way to stay in shape.  Swimming is a very efficient workout for the time you put in because every second you are floating in the water, fat is being burned.

does swimming build muscleFor example, an hour of running burns about 400 calories depending on your size. That same person burns almost 600 calories for an hour of swimming. So if burning calories is your only concern than swimming is for you. however, you many still be wondering does swimming build muscle. Swimming is a great way to tone already existing muscles but there are more effective ways of just building muscleSwimming is a cardiovascular exercise, so think of it as a glorified, watery treadmill that tones your whole body. Swimming works out every single muscle in your body. Yes, every single one.

Does Swimming Build Muscle – Other Benefits

So we answered the question, does swimming build muscle but swimming offers way more advantages than just building muscle. Swimming is also great because you do not have to be expert to do it effectively. You just have to know, how not to drown. Even better ladies, you can swim when you are pregnant! Almost every exercise is out the window when you are pregnant. With swimming, you have the ability to do as little or as much as you want. Just floating in the water is exercise! Another, advantage of swimming is that it is not tough on the body. You will not easily injure yourself in the water. There is a lot more risk in the gym which is more of a risk for us ladies.

does swimming build muscle

Swimming also increases the power of your lungs! You have a limited supply of oxygen while underwater, obviously. Because of this your body becomes more efficient at oxygen consumption which will transfer over to other exercises (you will get more out of each breath when you run and will increase you stamina during gymnastics). Swimming also reduces stress just as effectively as any other workout. There are also studies being conducted to find the cognitive effects of swimming on the body because many people think it improves cognitive function.  As you can see, “does swimming build muscle” is almost the wrong question with the endless list of benefits from swimming.

Does Swimming Build Muscle – Exercises

There are four main types of “strokes” (breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly) in swimming that range in difficulty and offer different benefits. If you are unfamiliar with the strokes, click here. All the stokes burn about the same amount of calories, even the breaststroke. You might think that because it is the slowest of strokes if might burn less but that is incorrect. The different strokes workout different muscles in the body. Although, if you have a weird way of swimming that does not fall under any of these strokes ( some people do), you will still be able to benefit from swimming.



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Bikini Body Mommy Challenge

Girl in bikini, fence background

Bikini Body Mommy Review

pregnant woman sitting outsideHey Girls, this workout may be designed for moms but its is good for any girl on the go go. This is my first review, I will do more of them if you guys like what you read. Without further a do, here is my review! Even though summer is on its way out, it is not too late to keep your body looking good. If you plan on taking a cruise or going on a winter vacation you will want to start getting your body into shape now. The Bikini Body Mommy Challenge is a ninety day challenge that will tighten your abs and get you looking great again. Bikini Body Mommy is designed for women who were recently pregnant but if you still are struggling to lose that baby fat years later than this will help. The best part, it is Free! offers all its videos for free. They claim that you will see results in two weeks. The workouts are designed for most women and are not super demanding. The average workout only takes about twenty minutes to complete. After the first two weeks your body has built substantial endurance and the workouts do not do you in for the rest of the day, so to speak. However, the first week will leave you feeling tired. The upside? These tiring workouts will give you a solid nights sleep from the exhaustion.

The Finer Points

I have Spent a lot of time trying and testing different workout programs and weight loss programs with little to no success. Bikini Body Mommy is defiantly at the top of the list for me. When I saw the ads I thought, If other moms could do this why couldn’t I. I have two girls (Sarah and Moon unit) that are one and three years old. As all moms know, your body is never the same after the first baby. Bikini body mommy did not bring my body to the way it looked before, obviously. It did get me noticeably more in shape. I felt good wearing a bikini before, I do not feel any worse now. Although, I can see how it would make you look better in a bikini if you were really out of shape and had a lot of extra tummy fat.

running-573762_640Bikini Body Mommy Results

To sum it up, I can see this program being helpful for just about anyone that wants to tone up their body. Overall, its low stress and perfect for a girl with a very active life style, and Its free! However, you do need to provide your own weights but you can get those really cheap. I got 5 pound dumbbells form Walmart way back when. You might also want a mat, you can use a yoga mat which you should already own! What do you have to lose. Although, this workout is not a lot fun(the name is super fun though, and really cute).

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How to Teach Yourself Gymnastics at Home


Why Teach Yourself Gymnastics at Home?

gymnist on toesBefore you start, make sure that you have all the mats and equipment necessary to ensure your safety during the workout. Gymnastics, like any other sport, can be dangerous so proceed with caution at your own risk. Gymnastics is a great way to train every muscle in your body, while learning a unique skill that is a lot of fun. Do you ever watch the Olympics and think: I wish I could do those flips and cartwheels? Good news, you can! If you your body is in okay shape and you are not a couch potato than you can achieve this very easily. The hardest part of gymnastics is training the parts of your body that do not get used. You need to be strong to actually preform the stunts correctly. Teaching yourself gymnastics at home will have you feeling happier and will keep your body in shape without the high costs of taking lessons or wasting your time traveling to and from a gym.

Learning the Basics of Gymnastics

First you must evaluate how flexible you are. You must if you have already achieved the flexibility required to perform the stunts. If you are unsure how flexible you are, check on livestrong and they will give you the answers you need to proceed. You need to achieve full-body flexibility to be successful doing gymnastics at home. Practice neck, shoulder and back stretches to ensure you keep the appropriate amount of flexibility. If you do yoga (at home or in a class) the chances are you will be flexible enough to teach yourself gymnastics at home and you can proceed to strength training.

How to Improve Upper Body Strength for Gymnastics

Basic upper body strength exercises will allow you to develop the body you need to proceed. Depending on your size and weight, do a full workout of push-ups,gymnist sitting planks, sit-ups, and chin ups (these are just my favorites). I also like to do two sets of five minute core workout. Whichever workout you choose, make sure you keep up with it every day and make sure you get the proper nutrients to keep your body healthy. take a multi vitamin and a protein powder to get your body strong.  Once you have achieved this you can move to the fun part, actually practicing the stunts!

Skills Practice

Now that you have developed your body, it is time to practice your moves. Start with basics moves: Cartwheels, back bends and handstands. Remember that you will not learn these over night and it takes time to develop these skills. YouTube will be your biggest friend. Watch videos of people doing the moves step by step until you get them right.



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