Does Swimming Build Muscle

does swimming build muscle

Benefits Of Swimming

A word of caution before we begin. Please do not attempt these exercises if you do not know how to swim. If you do not know how to swim, I suggest you learn. You can get lessons at your local YMCA. Learning to swim is very simple and can be learned at any age. Sorry girls, I had to get that out of the way. Some people could still be asking does swimming build muscle without actually knowing how to swim. Without further ado, here we go go! Swimming offers many health benefits and we know swimming helps you destroy fat, but does swimming build muscle?

lades, we have all seen ripped studs like Michael Phelps but is it possible for us to get in shape like that (obviously we do not want to be ripped studs)? The answer is yes. Obviously though, if you want to get that in shape you will have to put in the same amount of work as Michael Phelps, so do not set yourself up for an unrealistic goal. For ladies on the go go, swimming is a good way to stay in shape.  Swimming is a very efficient workout for the time you put in because every second you are floating in the water, fat is being burned.

does swimming build muscleFor example, an hour of running burns about 400 calories depending on your size. That same person burns almost 600 calories for an hour of swimming. So if burning calories is your only concern than swimming is for you. however, you many still be wondering does swimming build muscle. Swimming is a great way to tone already existing muscles but there are more effective ways of just building muscleSwimming is a cardiovascular exercise, so think of it as a glorified, watery treadmill that tones your whole body. Swimming works out every single muscle in your body. Yes, every single one.

Does Swimming Build Muscle – Other Benefits

So we answered the question, does swimming build muscle but swimming offers way more advantages than just building muscle. Swimming is also great because you do not have to be expert to do it effectively. You just have to know, how not to drown. Even better ladies, you can swim when you are pregnant! Almost every exercise is out the window when you are pregnant. With swimming, you have the ability to do as little or as much as you want. Just floating in the water is exercise! Another, advantage of swimming is that it is not tough on the body. You will not easily injure yourself in the water. There is a lot more risk in the gym which is more of a risk for us ladies.

does swimming build muscle

Swimming also increases the power of your lungs! You have a limited supply of oxygen while underwater, obviously. Because of this your body becomes more efficient at oxygen consumption which will transfer over to other exercises (you will get more out of each breath when you run and will increase you stamina during gymnastics). Swimming also reduces stress just as effectively as any other workout. There are also studies being conducted to find the cognitive effects of swimming on the body because many people think it improves cognitive function.  As you can see, “does swimming build muscle” is almost the wrong question with the endless list of benefits from swimming.

Does Swimming Build Muscle – Exercises

There are four main types of “strokes” (breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly) in swimming that range in difficulty and offer different benefits. If you are unfamiliar with the strokes, click here. All the stokes burn about the same amount of calories, even the breaststroke. You might think that because it is the slowest of strokes if might burn less but that is incorrect. The different strokes workout different muscles in the body. Although, if you have a weird way of swimming that does not fall under any of these strokes ( some people do), you will still be able to benefit from swimming.



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