Worst Exercises For Aging

Worst exercises for aging

Exercises That Make You Age Faster

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed some of my latest posts on the go go. Today, I want to talk about the worst exercises for aging. Getting old sucks but it happens to everyone. So let’s talk about ways to keep the body in the best shape it can be, without causing any damage or over excreting ourselves, leaving us prone to injury.

Aging means changes in your body and everyone experiences them differently; hair loss, grey hair, wrinkles, sagging skin, problems with vision, aching back, menopause and being deemed “uncool” by your children are just a few. A lot of these changes will cause you to slow down in the gym and my lead to frustrations with your work out.

As you age your metabolism slows down, your bones are not as strong as they were in your youth and overall you cannot perform as well as you once did. More so your brain is not as sharp. A lot of workouts require muscle memory to be performed properly.

Worst exercises for aging

Exercises That Age You

All this aside, this happens to everyone at some point. So people may experience these effects as young as 30 while others may not experience it until 50 or 60. There is no shame in any of this, no matter when it happens, and they are workouts that are better to perform as you age.

Some workouts will even speed up your body and cause you to age faster. Additionally, certain muscle enhancers and workout supplements, if used over long periods of time, will cause your body to age faster.

Supplements known as “pre-workout” or anything that contains stimulants will stimulate and increase the speed in which the body functions, as a side effect, this causes the body to age. Think of it like this; if your heart only has a certain amount of beats in its lifetime and taking a stimulant makes it beat two times as fast while in your system, your body will age twice as fast while the stimulant is in your system.

Obviously, the changes are not that dramatic, and it is not that black and white. However, that should give a general picture for those unaware of how stimulants work. Men and woman also experience different changes, you may have to adjust your workout accordingly

Worst Exercises for aging

Exercises That Make You Age Faster – Diet

Diet is everything in the world of having a healthy and successful workout. Just eat healthy the same ways you normally would, drink plenty of water, and supplement with a multi vitamin so that you get any nutrients you might have missed in your diet.

Exercises That Make You Age Faster – Cardio

Its time to cut back on the cardio. Runs. and long runs specifically, increase your heart rate tremendously and put a lot of strain on the body. As you age, this becomes more potentially dangerous for your health. That’s why I am deeming this as one of the worst exercises for aging.

Exercises That Make You Age Faster – In the Gym

Lifting weights is still very effective and a great exercise for ageing. However, there are some lifts that are the worst exercises for aging. Cleaning, dead lifts, and max outs should all be avoided and are the worst exercises for aging.

Exercises That Make You Age Faster – Alternative Exercises

Avoiding the gym all together is not a bad idea. There are alternative exercises that are low stress and are great for people of any age. Yoga is one great example, you can find free yoga introductory classes if your area. Just look online!

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