How to Teach Yourself Gymnastics at Home


Why Teach Yourself Gymnastics at Home?

gymnist on toesBefore you start, make sure that you have all the mats and equipment necessary to ensure your safety during the workout. Gymnastics, like any other sport, can be dangerous so proceed with caution at your own risk. Gymnastics is a great way to train every muscle in your body, while learning a unique skill that is a lot of fun. Do you ever watch the Olympics and think: I wish I could do those flips and cartwheels? Good news, you can! If you your body is in okay shape and you are not a couch potato than you can achieve this very easily. The hardest part of gymnastics is training the parts of your body that do not get used. You need to be strong to actually preform the stunts correctly. Teaching yourself gymnastics at home will have you feeling happier and will keep your body in shape without the high costs of taking lessons or wasting your time traveling to and from a gym.

Learning the Basics of Gymnastics

First you must evaluate how flexible you are. You must if you have already achieved the flexibility required to perform the stunts. If you are unsure how flexible you are, check on livestrong and they will give you the answers you need to proceed. You need to achieve full-body flexibility to be successful doing gymnastics at home. Practice neck, shoulder and back stretches to ensure you keep the appropriate amount of flexibility. If you do yoga (at home or in a class) the chances are you will be flexible enough to teach yourself gymnastics at home and you can proceed to strength training.

How to Improve Upper Body Strength for Gymnastics

Basic upper body strength exercises will allow you to develop the body you need to proceed. Depending on your size and weight, do a full workout of push-ups,gymnist sitting planks, sit-ups, and chin ups (these are just my favorites). I also like to do two sets of five minute core workout. Whichever workout you choose, make sure you keep up with it every day and make sure you get the proper nutrients to keep your body healthy. take a multi vitamin and a protein powder to get your body strong.  Once you have achieved this you can move to the fun part, actually practicing the stunts!

Skills Practice

Now that you have developed your body, it is time to practice your moves. Start with basics moves: Cartwheels, back bends and handstands. Remember that you will not learn these over night and it takes time to develop these skills. YouTube will be your biggest friend. Watch videos of people doing the moves step by step until you get them right.



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