Yoga Day 2017

Yoga Day 2017

The Facts About Yoga

Hey Girls, how have you been? I hope all is well. I have been on the go go this past month, traveling with my kids for the holidays. I did find time teach day to settle down and get some yoga in. It was definitely a life saver and it helped me keep my sanity amongst all the family drama that comes with the holiday season. Speaking of yoga, did you know that yoga day is coming up? Yoga day 2017 is not far away. It is a day to celebrate yoga and building muscles.

Yoga Day 2017 – When Is It?

Yoga day 2017 takes place on June 21st. Yoga day celebrates all the types of yoga. Yoga day 2017 in an international celebration. The best way to celebrate world yoga day is by practicing the type of yoga you enjoy.

Yoga Day 2017 Types Of Yoga

There are 14 types of Yoga:

Anusara is a Hindu style of yoga created by an America in 1997. This style focus on comedy as the door to inner peace.

Ashtanga Yoga is about the series and rapid movement.

Hatha Yoga, possibly the most popular yoga is the actual practice of yoga. It is all about stretching, finding inner peace, and relies heavily on balance.

Iyengar yoga focuses on precession. And the alignment of posture. Breath control is extremely important as well. This is one of the most advanced form of yoga. The risk of injury is much greater in this disciple than many other forms of yoga. Great attention to detail is also a key focus on this form of yoga. If one does not pay attention to what they are doing, they will never succeed in this yoga.

Jiivamuki is a method of yoga invented in the 1980s. This is an ethical, physical style yoga. It encompasses dance moves and is all about self-awareness. It focuses on animal rights and social activism. People who practice Jivamukti are also vegans. Eatting animals is strictly forbidden in the Jivamukti yoga discipline.

Kripalu yoga is focused on giving back to one’s community. The Jesuits started this yoga in the 1950s to help non-profit organizations gain funds and capital to help the world. The people practicing Kripalu yoga believe that inner peace can only be achieved once the world is saved and suffering is brought down to a minimal level. While trying to accomplish this goal they experience inner peace.

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